brass unijet spray tip offer

TX series UniJet hollow conetips feature extra fine sprayatomization with a uniformdistribution at relatively lowpressures and price of unijet spray tip

7N fogjet spray nozzle with atomizing cap

the 7N series fogjet nozzle produce a shower like full cone spray pattern of very fine droplet, the nozzle assembly consists of a nozzle body and senven remonable atomizng spray c ...

new product-- garden tools-agriculure fogger

one way dripperwith anti-drip valveone way fogger withanti-drip valve7 L/H4 way driiper withanti-drip valve28-32L/H at 2-3bar pressure

hot sale plastic clamp quick connect nozzle

plastic clamp quick connect nozzlequcik connect spray tip: flat fan or full cone qucik conect tipclamp material: SS304,SS316body material: best PP in yellow colorclamp size :1-1/ ...

FF fog jet spray nozzle 3/4" thread female

a new fog jet spray nozzle 3/4" female have develop which features larges capacity/narrow angle/small droplet size,multi-orific, full cone nozzle,thead size can be :3/4",1",1-1/2" ...

hot sale anti drop low pressure fog nozzle

anti drop low pressure fog nozzle is hot sale in oversea market from last year, the thread are both in BSPT /NPT 1/8"spray particles is 20-40 micro,             spray angle:80-90 ...

hot sale boron carbide sand blasting nozzle ( 40,45 cured)

hot sale boron carbide sand blasting nozzle ( 40,45 cured)thread size: BSPT3/4",1/2"length;117mmID: life: 200-300 working time

plastic nozzle

new HKY plastic flat fan spray nozzle is develop with 30 deffirent flow rate,4 kind of thread size, welcome to order it:BSPT1/8",4002,7506,9508,8505,11006 are avalableBSPT 1/4",2 ...